Marketing & Sales
Create & developing the new real estate marketing ideas and management by
building today’s power brands through selling experiences 
-That’s what Leisure Marketing does.-

We optimize the value of our client’s real estate marketing through our team of experts. We that provide original graphic design, management and supervision services.

Leisure Marketing will pursue the following specific goals:

  • Become the agent or trading partner that allows our clients to achieve sales and marketing goals by creating a custom made marketing (traditional and digital) strategy for every client.
  • Pioneering in digital marketing strategies and real state social media management , which allows us to be leaders in the segment.
  • Create awareness with our target audience through clear and effective communication:
    “In Leisure Partners we sell confidence based on experience” Confidence in real estate services based on the experience of over 30 years in the tourist industry consulting and marketing.

Whether you need assistance with a specific service, or the full range of marketing and sales services, Leisure Partners team can develop and implement a successful marketing and sales strategy. With their vast experience in the tourism industry, Leisure Partners can contribute to assist with the optimization of sales and marketing, by penetrating the right target segments and thereby increase market share and profitability. Some of the services include:

  • Marketing and Commercial Strategy (prospecting programs, brokers)
  • Design, implementation & lead generation programs
  • Guiding policies and creative rationale design
  • Creation of Corporate Identity Package
  • Consumer and Market Trend
  • eMarketing, Distribution and Social Media Strategies and Tactics
  • Segmentation, Branding and Positioning Strategies
  • Recruitment, hiring and training of salesman
  • Management and sales reports generation
  • CRM tracking software
  • Facilitate the most suitable external company for the portfolio collection, customer service and reservations.
  • [Execution of Vacation ownership re-sales programs]