Leisure Partners provides services to investors and real state developers in the planning, evaluation, acquisition and successful execution of hotel resorts and real-estate projects. Our advisory expertise and experience in tourism and business hospitality industry makes it possible to deliver integrated solutions by providing the most objective and independent guidance to our client´s needs.

We specialize in project feasibility analysis, due diligence, strategic business plan, negotiation asset sourcing, transaction support, capital markets, turn-key development, among others. We offer you the experience, know-how, independence, objectivity and the strategic insight that leads to better business.


Capital and Debt Markets

Leisure Partners provides advisory support across all aspects of fund raising and debt procurement by determining capital needs and identifying potential solutions with lenders and investors. We are able to identify and arrange funding solutions for both asset level and entity-level equity/debt financing.

  • Determine financial needs and vehicles
  • Prospect and roadshow to investors/lenders
  • Due diligence and structure of information
  • Negotiation advisory
  • Offer evaluation and bidder selection


Operator Search And Selection

We have access to a diversified and extent network of operators and brands that will align with the client´s vision, the project’s needs and the market trends. By combining our experience and expertise we can counsel the client within the process of identifying, evaluating and selecting the potential hotel operators, with preferential treatment thanks to our experience and longstanding relationships.

  • Identification & selection
  • Proposal analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Terms and conditions negotiation
  • Operating contract negotiation and closing


Asset Management

In Asset Management services, Leisure Partners starts by assessing, evaluating and then implementing strategies designed to increase asset profitability, improve operations/administration therefore, generating a continuous process of value creation and improvement which in turn benefits the bottom line of the investors.

  • Property improvement program and FF&E reserve usage supervision
  • Financial & accounting performance/ supervision
  • Budget supervision
  • Human Resources supervision
  • Distribution channel supervision
  • Hotel Operating supervision
  • Brand Development and positioning
  • Repositioning analysis


Transaction Advisory Service

Levering our experience and expertise in the acquisitions and divestment process, we provide knowledge and outlook of the local market in order to achieve the objective of each transaction in the most effective and efficient manner through local insight, due diligence and guidance in the entire process.

  • Purchase and Sale due diligence
    • Market due diligence
    • Financial due diligence
    • Financial Valuation and Appraisals (Appraisals coordinated through third party specialists)
  • Closing
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiation
    • Pre-closing & day-of-closing procedures


Strategic and Development Advisory Services

Leisure Partners, provides knowledge, guidance and local market insight in order to design and deliver successful business strategies for the development process of our clients, maximizing the potential value of the project and achieving efficiency in the process.

Strategic and Development Advisory Services:

  • Market due diligence
    • Property and site sourcing
    • Market Research
    • Product Design
    • (Re) Positioning
    • Market analysis & benchmarking (supply/demand, competition)
    • Highest and best use studies
    • Development Strategy
  • Feasibility and Due Diligence
    • Financial analysis and valuations
    • Feasibility analysis
  • Integral Business Planning
  • Third party bidding and selection
    • Identification & selection (with local knowledge and insight)
    • Proposal Evaluation
    • Negotiation support
    • Developer/contractor selection
  • Construction Support
    • Coordination & Construction supervision
    • Budget review